Suzy Lu and False Copyright Strikes

It all started with a tweet by a small Youtuber “MarkAfterDark” shedding light on what’s going on behind the scenes. The tweet was in a response to Suzy Lu’s copy right strike on one of Mark’s videos.

A strike will cause restrictions on a Youtube channel and three strikes will lead to a termination of the account. The video that was claimed by Suzy was a 20 second clip of her turned into a meme by Mark and used as an into to Mark’s video.

Suzy Lu disliking that her content was being used by another Youtuber claimed that she contacted Youtube asking them about fair use, and Youtube took it down.

That created a controversial topic as the clip falls under fair use, a lot of Youtuber brought up the topic on numerous videos, siding with Mark against Suzy and calling her out for misusing the copy right claim.

Suzy Lu coming out with an apology video afterwards which in the point of views to those that were criticizing her was not a genuine apology especially her refusal to remove the strike on Mark’s channel.

Even Youtube lawer Ian Corzine chipped in adding his insight, Mark did not break any copy right laws and the clip was 100% fair use.

On a live show hosted by Bowblax and AugieRFC, Suzy Lu and her boyfriend joined in to the stream to discuss the whole situation, along with other Youtubers such as Keemstar, Tipster, MarkAfterDark and among other youtubers.

Suzy Lu and her boyfriend denied flagging any video of Tipster (A video that was discussing Suzy Lu’s actions and was taken down along with Tipster receiving a copyright strike.)

The discussion ends with Suzy sharing a screenshot of her flag history and a list of videos appeared on it. A Youtuber that goes by the name GG Reloaded had a couple of his videos flagged and they were all discussing and criticizing Suzy Lu.

This whole scenario only proves how Youtube’s copy right system can be abused by almost anyone and will lead to an innocent party receiving punishment.

Will Youtube acknowledge their system being misused? and will Suzy Lu be held responsible for her actions?