Shroud Updates Viewers On His Arm Injury

Category: Entertainment, Date: 23/Oct/2019

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shroud update army injury
Credit: @Shroud

Popular Twitch streamer and former CS: GO pro player Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek gave an update about his arm and shoulder after an injury that left them in a bad state.

In a scooter accident back on March 11, Shroud fell off his scooter and crashed on the ground. Shroud sustained several injuries to his left side which included a series of broken bones in his left arm.

Shroud has had surgery shortly after and went through rehab to manage and heal through the injury.

Shroud updated his viewers on his injury to his arm and shoulder, “It’s not very good, but I’m getting this super intense brace-splint-thing,” The streamer said. He then continued stating that he’ll be going through physical therapy sessions to restore the range of motion back to a similar standard to his other uninjured arm.

Shroud has also stated that he might need another surgery but not anytime soon, which will be the last resort if the physical treatment doesn’t restore his normal range motion back.

The popular streamer’s dominant arm isn’t the one injured and can continue playing at his best even though his injured arm is still under therapy.