Shroud Leaves Twitch and Moves To Mixer

Category: Entertainment, Date: 25/Oct/2019

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shroud moves to mixer
Twitter: @Shroud

Popular Twitch streamer Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek surprised everyone with an announcement that he’ll be streaming on Mixer from now on.

On October 24, Shroud tweeted out a video captioned “Same Shroud, new home,” which showed Shroud gaming as normal but with a Mixer logo across his monitor.

Shroud’s Mixer page has a subscribe button and similar to Ninja’s move to Mixer, viewers can claim a free month subscription as a limited time offer.

The move comes at perfect timing, well probably intentional, just before the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which will definitely bring in more numbers to Shroud’s stream. Mixer has over 300,000 followers as of writing this article.

This is the second big move a streamer has made from Twitch to Mixer. Back in August, Ninja moved from Mixer to Twitch creating a massive controversy and boosting Mixer’s numbers.

Ninja and Shroud will definitely challenge one another for the first spot on Mixer, being the biggest streamers on the platform.

Twitch immediately removed Shroud’s partner status and subscribe button, but unlike Ninja’s case, they didn’t use his channel to promote other streamers, especially after the backfire they received when they used Ninja’s channel to promote other channels and pornographic content appeared on the channel.