Popular YouTuber Boogie2988 Under Fire After Biting His Dog On Stream

Category: Entertainment, Date: 14/Jan/2020

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Twitch: Boogie2988

Popular YouTuber and streamer Steven ‘Boogie2988’ Williams found himself under fire after biting his dog live on stream.

The popular internet celebrity is known for being a controversial topic on the internet, especially when streaming on Twitch, where he gained a lot of hate for numerous things he said on stream.

This time while Boogie was on stream he decided to bite his dog in an attempt to entertain his viewers saying “This is how delicious my dog is”, the dog quickly flinched looking at Boogie, Boogie then apologized to his dog saying “Did that hurt you? I’m sorry. That scared you?”

Although the dog wasn’t injured and licked Boogie’s face afterward, viewers were outraged by Boogie’s actions on stream, calling him out on animal abuse.

Keemstar tweeted about the whole incident saying “Now your allowed to bite your animals on @Twitch??? Wtf is this platform?”

Boogie and Keem went back and forth on the ordeal before Keemstar decided to block Boogie on Twitter.

Many on Twitter and Reddit started demanding Twitch to take action against Boogie. Twitch has been a controversial topic when it came to animal abuse after Alinity threw her cat behind her live on stream and till now Twitch has yet to give a comment on the incident.

Up until now Twitch has taken no actions against Boogie nor have the released a statement, we’ll keep you updated through our social media.