PewDiePie Donates $50k To The ADL And Fans Are Not Happy

Category: EntertainmentBy: Sorryow, Date: 11/9/2019

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Pewdiepie donates to adl
Youtube: PewDiePie

Youtuber Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg uploaded a video celebrating 100 million subscribers, at the end of the video he talked about donating $50,000 to the Anti-Defamation League, a decision that puzzled a lot of his fans.

On September 10th, PewDiePie made the announcement while unboxing his “Red-Diamond” award, stating that he’ll be donating to the ADL, the same organization that PewDiePie called out as against free speech.

The ADL has constantly tried to enforce stricter rules to YouTubers, harming creators over the past couple of years and controlling a lot of their content. 

YouTube’s “hate speech” policies have resulted in a wave of censorship, leading a lot of YouTuber’s content demonetized or removed. 

The ADL has sent clips of PewDiePie’s content to Disney pressuring them, which resulted in Disney cutting ties with PewDiePie. 

PewDiePie’s fans quickly questioned his decision, especially after the ADL’s activity to shutdown PewDiepie’s channel. 

Some suggested that Pewdiepie might have been blackmailed by the ADL, in order to impact his image positively towards YouTube and the media. 

Also, comments regarding the donation were being removed off of PewDiePie’s channel.

In addition, Sive, PewDiePie’s Editor tweeted asking fans to “stop”, and simply congratulate PewDiePie for hitting a new milestone rather than making up rumors.

Finally, on September 11th PewDiePie addressed his fan’s concerns in a tweet.

“Making a donation to the ADL doesn’t make sense to everyone, especially since they’ve outright spoken against me,” Kjellberg said. “I think it’s important, this just isn’t my fight anymore.”

In conclusion, PewDiePie feels he has a responsibility to make positive changes, after the Christ Church travesty and believes this is the best way for him to move on, along with, growing and recognizing his responsibilities as a content creator.