PETA Wants Alinity Banned From Twitch Following Dog Incident

Category: Entertainment, Date: 05/Dec/2019

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Twitter: AlinityTwitch

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) stated that they want Twitch Streamer Alinity Divine off the platform over the treatment of her pets.

A user on Twitter voiced their concerns to PETA towards Alinity’s treatment of her pets while live on stream.
“Please, check the sh*t Alinity is doing with her dog on Twitch…we’re done with Twitch not doing anything about animal abuse, and we have no options left.” TheMaxTheory said on Twitter.

PETA responded to the tweet “We are aware of the cruelty and have demanded Twitch take her off of the platform.”

The twitter user TheMaxTheory brought up the recent incident that occurred on stream where Alinity’s behavior with her dog was questionable.

The clip of Alinity’s dog sniffing her crotch while she was doing a yoga move live on stream went viral, sparking controversy leading people to call Twitch to suspend the streamer from the platform.

“People are like really mad about this. Like, people think I should be banned for that,” Alinity said. “I think it’s so ridiculous, like seriously guys, y’all have gone way too far.”

Twitter: AlinityTwitch

This isn’t the first time Alinity has received hate from the community. Back in July, the streamer tossed her cat behind her which caused a huge uproar from people online, demanding Twitch to suspend her from the platform and that her pets should be taken away from her.

PETA even demanded Twitch to suspend Alinity’s account for animal cruelty, but even after the massive backlash, Twitch took no actions in regards to the streamer.

Up until now, Twitch has yet to comment on the recent incident, especially after PETA’s comment on Twitter, and it doesn’t seem like Twitch will take any actions towards Alinity.