PaymoneyWubby Mocks Twitch Staff After Suspension Was Lifted

Category: Entertainment, Date: 23/Nov/2019

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Credit: PaymoneyWubby /Twitch

Popular Twitch streamer PaymoneyWubby received an unfair suspension on his Twitch account after streaming inside a restaurant.

Twitch has strict rules when it comes to streaming publically, and many popular Twitch streamers have been hit with a punishment for breaking one of the many rules of Twitch.

PaymoneyWubby received a suspension after he live-streamed himself inside a restaurant, which is against Twitch’s rules unless the streamer is given permission by the owner. In this particular case, PaymoneyWubby was given permission beforehand to stream inside, yet he still found himself suspended from streaming.

PaymoneyWubby issued an appeal hoping they’d look into it as fast as possible. It took Twitch a week to finally lift the suspension off.

On November 22, during his first stream, after his suspension was lifted, PaymoneyWubby mocked Twitch staff over the poor way they handled his suspension with a short funny skit to his viewers.

And of course, you can’t bring up Twitch staff’s inconsistency when issuing suspensions without mentioning Alinity. PaymoneyWubby poured a full bottle of Vodka on a toy tiger’s mouth, hinting at the lack of action Twitch’s staff took when Alinity gave her cat some vodka live on stream.

He then did a funny impression of Twitch staff when they figured out that they suspended him unfairly, and the poor handling of the situation after removing the suspension.

He then posted the two-sentence email he received from Twitch, sharing that he was not happy with the apology he received, especially that the weeklong ban cost him a lot of money and valuable time, suggesting that he expected a much better response and respect from Twitch staff to their content creators.

Twitch has yet to officially respond to the whole ordeal aside from the two-sentence email they sent to PaymoneyWubby, and at a time where big streamers are leaving Twitch to join other streaming platforms (DisguisedToast moves to Facebook Gaming), Twitch should be wary of losing more streamers due to poor actions.