NZ Prime Minister Makes An Appearance On Broxh's Twitch Stream

Category: Entertainment, Date: 07/Sep/2020

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New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has made a surprising appearance on Broxh’s Twitch stream.

On September 7, the wholesome streamer Broxh started his stream teasing that he would have a special guest on his broadcast, little did viewers know that the special guest will end up to be NZ’s Prime Minister. 

Everyone in Broxh’s chat was shocked as Jacinda Ardern had a chat with Broxh about his artwork and his stream on Twitch.

Ardern turned out to be an avid viewer of Broxh’s content, and even asked the streamer to do one of his signature hair flicks on stream, saying that it looks “more luxurious in real life.”

Arden also complemented Broxh saying he’s “the most humble person on Twitch” after she experienced his kindness in real life as he turned down numerous big donations, instead choosing to give it away to charity or even trying to refund it.

Arden picked up Broxh’s tools giving crafting a shot while being careful not to ruin Broxh’s work as he tried teaching the Prime Minister of New Zealand, “You make it look really easy,” she said.

Arden stayed on stream for 5 minutes before she had to leave for another meeting, but she left chat with a little dab.