Ninja And Shroud Could Return To Twitch After Declining Negotiations With Facebook

Category: Entertainment, Date: 22/Jun/2020

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Microsoft has announced its decision to shut down Mixer and teaming up with Facebook, it’s reportedly Ninja and Shroud the biggest streamers on Mixer won’t be moving to Facebook Gaming.

According to esports journalist Richard Lewis, Ninja and Shroud decided to opt-out of the negotiation with Facebook to transfer to Facebook Gaming.

Esports journalist Rod “Slasher” Breslau added that Facebook offered double the amount of their original Mixer contracts. Reportedly Ninja’s original Mixer contract is around $30 million, while Shroud’s contract is around $30 million. Both stars declined the offer Facebook made of double the amount of money.

Ninja’s decision to leave Twitch because of licensing issues and wanting to have more freedom to grow his brand. Now that he’s a free agent Twitch now might rectify the deal and bring back Ninja to their streaming platform. Ninja’s viewership on Mixer has been much lower than on Twitch, so the transition back would help with gaining his viewership back.

Although going back to Twitch is possible, YouTube might offer the two stars a deal better than Twitch to move to their streaming platform.