Nessa Barrett And Josh Richards Reveal Reasons Behind Breakup

Category: Entertainment, Date: 19/Jun/2020

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Nessa Barrett/Josh Richards

TikTok stars Nessa Barrett and Josh Richards have revealed in an emotional video that they have broken up.

The two stars started dating back in October 2019, the relationship lasted 9 months before the couple decided to break the news to the fanbase of their decision to break up in an emotional video that reveals an explanation at why they have chosen to end their relationship.

The ex-couple emphasized that there is no hatred between the both of them, Josh said, “There comes a point in a relationship where you realize that maybe it isn’t the best for you guys to be together.”

Nessa also said “We’re drifting apart so we can focus on ourselves” and that “neither of us ever mistreated each other.”

Nessa and Josh explained that they need to grow as a couple not with one another, they will though remain friends. Nessa also needed time to focus on her music career now that she had moved to Los Angeles.

Nessa also Shared that she had struggled with social media since they had been in a relationship, saying that she had “encountered a lot of hate” and that her mental health was “destroyed.”

Fans already had their speculations in regards to Nessa and Josh’s relationship, especially after a fan asked Nessa during a live video on June 18 if she and Josh broke up, to which Nessa answers with “I did…not”, but with hesitation that many fans took as confirmation there was more to be said.

Their fanbase upset about the breakup shared opinions about the breakup on the stars’ social media.