Mixer Responds After Former Employee Accuses Management Of Racism

Category: Entertainment, Date: 22/Jun/2020

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Mixer responds after former employee Milan Lee shared that the company’s management had allegedly made racist comments and referred to partners as “slaves.”

On June 21, Milan Lee shared her experience working for Mixer on Twitter, claiming that he was pulled aside and told he was hired because he’s “street smart.” He also claimed that a manager referred to themselves as a “slave master” during a meeting, and saying that they “own” the Mixer partners and their content.

Mixer addressed Lee’s claims, reassuring their viewers and streamers that their goal is to build a “positive, welcoming, and inclusive team and community.” Lee not being provided that that atmosphere is unacceptable for Mixer. “We’ll be vigilant in addressing this more diligently in the future,” the company said.

Lee’s story prompted many streamers to boycott Microsoft’s platform, refusing to stream in support of Lee until the issue is resolved. Many called for the manager to be fired from the company.

Eyes are now focused on Mixer’s action to resolve the problematic behavior within the company that Lee shared. Mixer has stated that they stand against racism and injustice following George Floyd’s death.