Mia Khalifa Offers To Get 'Mr. Beast' Tattooed On Her To Raise Money For Lebanon

Category: Entertainment, Date: 17/Aug/2020

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Instagram: Mia Khalifa

Lebanese-American ex-porn star Mia Khalifa has been using her social media influence to raise money to help out Lebanon after the horrific explosion Beirut the city she was born in suffered from.

Mia Khalifa has been bringing awareness to her followers about Lebanon’s predicament and to help out in the fundraiser supporting the communities affected by the explosion. She even went to the extent of selling her infamous glasses used in some of her popular clips for $100k.

Khalifa said she’s willing to get a “Mr. Beast” tattoo on her body for $100k to raise money for the Lebanese Red Cross while she live-streamed her tattoo session with popular artist Ivanka Belakova on Twitch.

“I’ll get ‘Mr. Beast’ tattooed on me for $100k. I’m live on twitch with a tattoo artist, let’s raise some money for LEBANON!” Khalifa wrote.

The popular social media personality streamed on Twitch as she covered up her tattoo that represented the Lebanese Forces, a controversial political party in Lebanon, ridding herself from it and replacing it with a stylish word of the city “Beirut” written in Arabic over the Cedrus tree that represents the Lebanese flag. Khalifa’s decision indicates that she no longer supports any political party in Lebanon.

Jimmy Donaldson ‘Mr. Beast’ is a popular YouTuber that is known to spend hefty amounts of money in almost all his videos. He has previously made donations to various causes and even to complete strangers. Mr. Beast also helped out the less fortunate in a couple of his videos. His huge donations earned him the nickname “YouTube’s biggest philanthropist.”

Khalifa managed to raise over $4,000 during the Twitch stream but Mr. Beast did not appear to respond to the ex-porn star’s invitation to help out Lebanon at least not in public.
As the corrupt Lebanese government fails to stand by those affected by the explosion, Khalifa continues to support her people during this horrendous incident.

If you wish to support the Lebanese people you can donate directly to the Lebanese Red Cross here.