Magnus Carlsen World No. 1 chess player says he played “mediocre at best”

Category: Entertainment, Date: 22/Oct/2019

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Magnus Carlsen interview

The top-ranked chess player with a 101-game win streak, Magnus Carlsen wasn’t happy with his performance against the number 7 player in the world despite his victory.

Magnus Carlsen won against Levon Aronian, the number 7 player in the world but wasn’t too happy with his performance. During an Interview, Fiona Steil-Antoni complimented Carlsen on his performance, however, the Grandmaster gave a different opinion on the match he had.

“I wouldn’t say it was a great performance,” Carlsen said. “The streak is nice. The performance was mediocre at best.”

Carlsen is one of the most successful and talented chess players in history and has had over a 100-game win streak. Some stated that Carlsen was being arrogant towards the number 7 player, others stated that he’s simply being humble and being wary of his performance to help him improve in the future.