Ludwig's Payments To His Twitch Mods Helps One OF Them Pay Off Credit Card Debt

Category: Entertainment, Date: 13/Apr/2021

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ne of the moderators for the popular Twitch streamer Ludwig, shared publicly that he was able to cover his Credit Card debt using the money Ludwig paid his moderators.

On March 13, Ludwig started a subathon with new subscriptions adding extra time to his total streaming hours required. This blew up the internet after it surpassed d the streamer’s expectations and still going on at the time of writing the article, reaching a whole month of stream time.

Ludwig has reached well over 200,000 subscribers, challenging Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins for max peak subs at any given time.

Although this puts a lot of pressure on Ludwig being in front of the camera for almost all of his day, it definitely required more effort out of his moderators that help keep the channel safe and pleasant for viewers and watch out for any toxic or troll viewers.

BBarbs, one of Ludwig’s moderators shared on Twitter that he was able to pay off his Credit Card Debt with the money Ludwig paid his moderators.

It’s important to note that moderating a Twitch channel is usually volunteer work and most Twitch streamers don’t pay their moderators. But seeing that Ludwig is a popular streamer reaching over 40k viewers consistently and stream for a period of a whole month non-stop, it makes sense that he would pay his moderators for going an extra step to make sure the channel is moderated even when he’s streaming while asleep.

Ludwig announced that April 13 will be the last day of his subathon, he will be donating $5 for charity for every subscriber he gets on his last day.