Lady Gaga Asks Who Ninja Is And Kaceytron Answers

Category: Entertainment, Date: 17/Oct/2019

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Ninja Lady Gaga Twitter Kaceytron
Credit: @Ninja/@Ladygaga/@Kaceytron

Lady Gaga the American singer and songwriter posted on Twitter asking what is Fortnite, after the game went viral following the release of Chapter 2. Ninja replied to her offering to teach her the game.

On October 16, Lady Gaga responded to Ninja by tweeting “Ninja, who are you?” which Ninja replied with “ask Drake”

The interaction between Ninja and Lady Gaga received a lot of attention and a lot of it wasn’t positive, a couple of people replied to Lady Gaga with their own description of Ninja.

One tweet that caught attention was Kacey ‘Kaceytron’ Caviness comment on Ninja, digging up old dirt on him, stating that Ninja doesn’t support women.

“He’s one of the most popular streamers on the internet and he doesn’t support women,” Kaceytron said. “As he has publicly announced, he will never duo stream with any woman, I guess unless it benefits him.”

A lot quickly agreed with Kaceytron while others called her out on her comment. Ninja replied to one person that posted a link to an article published by the BBC titled ‘Fortnite: Ninja won’t play with female gamers’ from August 2018.

Ninja later tweeted back at Kaceytron explaining that he has played with women after that article was published before finishing his comment with a little burn to Kaceytron.

A lot of people brought up Kaceytron’s financial issues, speculating that her tweet was to gain attention towards her and benefit her stream by using the interaction between Ninja and Lady Gaga as a pedestal.

It’s unknown if Ninja and Lady Gaga will collaborate with one another, but the possibility still exists especially that Ninja has teamed up with celebrities in the past.