KSI Defeats Logan Paul By Split Decision

Category: Entertainment, Date: 10/11/2019

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Logan Paul/ KSI

The KSI and Logan Paul rematch has been long awaited for, both YouTubers gave their all, with the match ending in favor of KSI after a split decision by the judges.

KSI took the victory via a split decision, one judge ruled 56-55 in favor of Logan Paul while the other two judges ruled in favor of KSI 57-54 and 56-55.

In round 4, Paul had a controversial knockdown where Paul appeared to hit KSI as he fell on the mat, which resulted in a two-point penalty for Paul.

Paul blamed the decision after the fight, putting the blame on the 2-point penalty he received. He stated that he’ll be challenging the decision to the state commission.

The 2-point penalty could have changed the decision of the judges to another draw, the same result of KSI and Paul’s first boxing match.

KSI was asked if he would fight Logan Paul a third time, his answer was “No it’s done.”

The two YouTubers shook hands after the fight, both giving respect for one another. KSI thanked Paul for the fight, ending the beef between them both.