Kid Gets Harassed Online And Doxxed For Opinions On Keanu Reeves

Category: EntertainmentBy: Sorryow, Date: 24/6/2019

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Credit: Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves is an actor and musician, he’s been quite popular on Reddit recently, his fan base has been growing drastically especially in the gaming community after his role in the popular game Cyberpunk 2077, wholesome memes circulated around of him being an awesome human being and a legend.

On June 18, YouTube channel Finebros Entertainment (FBE), released a video where kids would react to Keanu Reeves memes, the video in itself did not seem like a harmful idea, the video showcased the kid’s reactions, some of them had no idea who Reeves was, and obviously they’re still kids so it’s quite normal. While reacting, some kids would comment that he isn’t a “legend” in regards to what the memes portrait him as, such a reaction is normal for kids that have no idea who he is.

The viewers, at least Keanu Reeves “fans” did not like what the kids said about their “Legend”, so some set out to get revenge, memes were spreading against one specific kid that said that he didn’t think Keanu Reeves is a legend and said “Minecraft is literally dead”, one, in particular, got pretty popular on the subreddit r/Pewdiepiesubmissions, screencapping one of the quotes and then captioning it with “this kid bad” and suggesting a purge against the kid.

The memes turned to witch hunting and harassment afterward, some going to the extent of doxxing him and sharing private of information of the kid online, all because they didn’t agree with the kid’s opinions, again “a kid’s opinions”.

The whole situation was absurd and pathetic, abusive and negative comments circulated online especially on both subreddits r/pewdiepieSubmissions and r/dankmemes.

The kid came out with an apology for not acknowledging that Keanu Reeves isn’t a legend, the kid should not feel like he has to apologize for such a harmless opinion! He also asked for people to stop leaving hateful comments on his Instagram pictures.

Instagram: Jakemcdermottofficial

The moderators of both subreddits acted upon all the harassment, although they were pretty late, they deleted all the offensive and abusive comments and memes against the kid and banned everyone that posts them.

The whole behavior was just disgusting, it’s beyond just “online bullying” it is unacceptable under any circumstance to harass kids for sharing a harmless opinion, and it’s definitely unacceptable to share private information of them publicly.