Kephrii And His Wife Are Getting A Divorce

Category: Entertainment, Date: 13/9/2019

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Kephrii and his wife Divorce-
Instagram: @kephrii @devynbreanne

Popular Twitch streamer Brian “Kephrii” St. Pierre tweeted today that he and his wife Devyn Breanne will get a divorce.

“You may have noticed I have been a bit distracted or not quite myself lately & that’s because Devyn & I are divorcing.” Kephrii tweeted. “This isn’t easy to say and I’m extremely hurt, but I wanted you all to know. We don’t want to share any further details at this time. Thank you all.”

Twitter: @Kephrii

Brian and Devyn have set their Twitter accounts to “protected”, meaning only followers can see their tweets. Devyn has also set her Instagram to private.
Brian well known for his Widowmaker in popular game Overwatch shocked his fans after revealing such an announcement, especially that there were no signs of the couple going through any issues.
Back in August 2017, Brian publically confessed to cheating on his wife with multiple female fans, using his position online to hit on women.
The couple seemed to have moved on, and rebuilt their relationship. Both Brian and Devyn constantly posted positive tweets in regards to one another. Which led people to believe that their relationship is stronger than ever.
Brian’s twitter followers were mostly supportive, wishing both of them the best and reassuring Brian that they are here for him.
As for Reddit, the comments were completely different than on Twitter, blaming Brian for the relationship falling apart, bringing up the mistakes he made in the past.

Clearly we don’t have the details on why Brian and Devyn chose to divorce, and for the time being they don’t want to share details.

We’ll keep you updated if Brian and Devyn decide to share more details.

Update: Deyvn tweeted that the divorce is her fault, and Brian shouldn’t be accused of anything.