Keemstar Accuses Alinity Of Having Secret Relationship With Twitch Staff

Category: EntertainmentBy: Sorryow, Date: 24/7/2019

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Credit: @AlinityTwitch @KEEMSTAR

It looks like Alinity just can’t get a break, with the whole community going off on her after she tossed her cat behind her shoulder live on stream, followed by a Twitch Staff tweeting he wants her banned, and people knocking on her neighbor’s door asking if she’s home. 

Keemstar out of nowhere tweeted a serious tweet, in his tweet he said:

“I know the dirt you have on these twitch staff 
!!! You wont have that dirt forever! CUS IM ABOUT TO DROP IT! Dear Twitch Staff hire your divorce attorneys now!”

Alinity tweeted back at him:

“So now you’re completely making things up? This is low dude.”

Now, this is pretty serious, for starters Alinity has been accused many times of having sexual relationships with Twitch staff, which explains why she has an immunity that prevents her from getting banned, especially after breaking Twitch TOS multiple times, but all those accusations had no proof behind them and were merely words tossed around.

Keemstar going public with his allegation causing a huge scene, we’re not too sure if he’s going to back them up or is simply a method for him to get some clout.

Why is Keemstar’s allegation serious and why he has to back them up?

According to Alinity, Twitch will not ban her. In her discord server, she wrote “Don’t worry guys I’m fine. I spoke to someone at twitch today and I’m not getting banned. But, people who have been harassing me might be.” 

That means Twitch sees no fault in Alinity’s actions, but if Keemstar’s allegation were to be proved, this changes the whole scenario.

Alinity’s reputation will be ruined publicly, but more importantly it will ruin Twitch’s reputation, Twitch’s moderating system has been compromised, you’re able to gain some sort of immunity by having sexual affairs with certain members of Twitch Staff, that definitely does not look professional for Twitch, a company that stated that their goal is to create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone while enforcing their policies and rules equally. 

We can’t forget about Keemstar’s reputation as well if he turns out to be lying, his credibility will be damaged.

Up until now, nothing has been proved, there is no proof that Alinity has used any means to get “immunity” and all the tweets are nothing but allegations. We’ll keep you updated on what unfolds, whether Keemstar backs his claims up or whether his claims are false.