Kaceytron Indefinitely Suspended On Twitch Over ‘Insensitive Comment’ About Coronavirus

Category: Entertainment, Date: 18/March/2020

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Popular Twitch streamer Kaceytron has been suspended on Twitch indefinitely due to a coronavirus comment she made.

The popular streaming platform deemed her comment a violation of their Terms of Service, more specifically engaging in “hateful conduct and threats of violence against a person or group of people.”

The reason behind the suspension was made public by Kaceytron on Twitter where she posted an image of her suspension notice, which states that the reason behind the suspension was an insensitive comment she made last week.

The comment Kaceytron made last week which led to her indefinite ban was on March 11 on Rajj’s podcast after Rajj asked if she would kiss a guy on the show if he had coronavirus, her response jokingly was.

“Yes, and we would leave quarantine and try to spread it as much as possible because the world would be a better place without old and poor people.”

Usually, Twitch suspends an account for a period of 30 days in such cases, but it seems Twitch has taken decisive action and suspended Kaceytron indefinitely.

Kaceytron has apologized for her comment stating the following.

“I don’t condone hatred towards any person and it was a poor reflection of my character. I’m just trying to take this all in right now. I ask that my audience please remain calm and rational.”

She has averaged around 800 viewers on her stream and has more than 500,000 followers, her only chance of accessing her account again is to appeal the suspension in the hopes that Twitch reconsiders their decision.