James Charles Loses 3 Million Subscribers

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Category: EntertainmentBy: Sorryow, Date: 14/5/2019

Credit: @JamesCharles


James Charles The 19-year-old beauty influencer and the first male ambassador for CoverGirl has lost around 3 million subscribers on Youtuber after the massive drama the broke loose when Tati Westbrook, a 37-year-old fellow Youtuber, posted a 43 minute video on Youtube in which she spoke about her issues with James and that she decided to sever ties.

The video titled “BYE SISTER…” went viral with over 40 million views caused Charles to drop from 16 million subscribers to 13 million, while Tati’s numbers are increasing.


In the video, Westbrook said that Charles is egotistical and a terrible friend. She also stated that Charles had a history of trying to hook up with straight men which she described as problematic, mentioning a story that occurred at her birthday dinner. Westbrook also brought up how hurt she was due to the fact that Charles had shared a sponsored post of SugarBearHair gummy supplements, which happens to be a competitor of her own Halo Beauty products.

Celebrities such as  Kylie Jenner, Ariana Grande, and Katy Perry, have unfollowed Charles, as a result.

Charles was quick to upload an apology video titled “Tati” but that didn’t receive a positive reaction. The video also reaching 40 million views with 2.7 million dislikes to 500k likes.


Even After the apology video, Charles continues to lose subscribers, with people on social media declaring that Charles is now “canceled.”

Cancel culture is when a popular celebrity does something that goes against what their supporters believe in and attempt to silence them by not supporting them anymore (Especially economically)


Credit: Socialblade



Charles also denied that he had ever tried to pressure someone that was unsure of their sexuality into dating him.