JadeyAnh Confront Racist Guys In A Bar On Stream

Category: Entertainment, Date: 23/Jun/2020

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Popular Twitch streamer JadeyAnh found herself confronting a couple of racist guys live on stream while she was having a drink with her cousins.

On June 22, Anh a German-Vietnamese streamer was at a bar with her two cousins where a group of guys approached them and began to mock the Asian Languages live on Anh’s stream.

Anh getting upset at the racist guys she immediately shut them down saying, “Why did you say [racist remark]? That’s f**king racist! Yeah, it’s f**king racist! What the f**k is going on, man?”

“What’s the point?” she questioned. “Like, you could have just said hi. You had to say, [racist remark],” Anh continued shutting the guy down.

The guy replied with “It was only funny,” in an attempt to play it off as a joke and not a racist remark.

“It’s not funny,” Both Anh and her cousin said.

The guy confronted by Anh backed down, appearing to realize that his “joke” was offensive, simply replying with “Oh, okay, no problem,” before backing away.

The initial guy that made the offensive remark made a pass at the camera before he took off with his friends.

“Yeah, get off, small man,” Anh said to him. Later tweeting that she “called him a small man because he seemed like an insecure little f**k. Not because of his height.”

This isn’t the first time racist people are caught on stream, but luckily JadyAnh dealt with the situation impressively and put the racist folks in their place.