IWillDominate calls Tyler1 a "cancer human being"

Category: Entertainment, Date: 17/May/2020

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Popular League of Legends streamer Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera made comments towards fellow streamer Tyler ‘tyler1’ Steinkamp, calling him a “cancer human being”.

Team Liquid streamer Rivera has had a feud with tyler1 in the past, tyler1 claimed that Rivera has been “slandering him” back in March and it seems their feud has not been resolved till now.

On May 16, while Rivera live on stream one of his viewers asked why he isn’t friends with tyler1, adding that it’s all just “banter”. Rivera went off on tyler1 explaining that he was among those who have “continued to sh*t on” him.

“He wasn’t bantering,” Rivera said. “That’s like some weird thing tyler1 says. They just say everything is banter when they’re actually frustrated and they’re like sh*t talking people. That’s not actually how banter works.”

Rivera then added that if it was simply banter, tyler1 would have stepped up and defended him when multiple hate threads were made towards IWD on Reddit.

“He didn’t do any of that,” Rivera continued. “He just continued to sh*t on me. So, yeah, f**k that guy. Literally, just f**k him forever. He’s actually just a cancer human being. He’s cancer to play within the game, and just cancer to deal with in general.”

Things are still heated between the two popular streamers and tyler1 is known for voicing his opinion when in conflict, so the feud between the pair might continue after Rivera’s comments on stream.