IRL Streamers Harassed And Threatened By A Racist Stranger

Category: Entertainment, Date: 02/Mar/2021

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Twitch: ImJasmine

Twitch streamers ImJasmine and Devin Nash were threatened on stream by a group of strangers during an IRL stream.

IRL [in-real-life] streams have become popular on Twitch where a streamer would showcase their real-life routine or adventure to their viewers. But also risking getting in unwanted interactions with strangers live on stream.

On March 1st, ImJasmine and Devin Nash were out walking while streaming on Twitch when a group of random strangers started harassing them, asking questions about what they were doing and why they were in town.

Even though the pair responded calmly to the strangers and answered their questions, one man got started bursting out with racial slurs towards ImJasmine before threatening to beat them up.

“Delete it or I’ll break everything,” the man yelled “Delete it. If I don’t see it, you get beat up man, because I can’t beat her. Delete it.”

Other members of his group tried to defuse the situation, but the random stranger still wanted everything to be deleted. He later changed his mind and started begging the streamers to not delete anything before finally leaving.

This isn’t the first time a streamer got harassed by a racist in public, a couple of months ago JadeyAnh found herself confronting a couple of racist guys live on stream while she was having a drink with her cousins. The strangers approached them and began to mock the Asian Languages live on Anh’s stream.