Fortnite Streamer Accused Of Dog Abuse ON Stream

Category: EntertainmentBy: Sorryow, Date: 6/9/2019

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twitch streamer dog abuse
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Today, a clip of a Fortnite twitch streamer ‘KryptixEliteTV’, was shared on the internet of him allegedly abusing his dog after losing a Fortnite game.
In the clip his dog can be seen laying on the couch before the streamer moved towards his dog then proceeded to grab her by her neck, the dog was clearly heard crying in distress.
The streamer then looked at his dog and said “Stop” before he had his hands on the dog’s throat, the dog can be heard whimpering louder, the streamer then tosses an unknown object away from the couch before pointing back at the dog.

After recent events with YouTubers and Streamers abusing their pets, Alinity tossing her cat behind her and feeding the cat vodka live on stream, Brooke Houts pinning her dog down and spitting on him in the footage she uploaded accidentally on YouTube, the internet had enough, especially that neither Twitch nor YouTube banned them.
On Twitter and Reddit people were outraged, quickly accusing the streamer of abusing the dog, and demanded immediate actions to be taken against him, some asking PETA to get involved.

twitch streamer dog abuse twitter response

KryptixEliteTV responded on Twitter in regards to the accusations, stating that the video quality is low and it was taken wrongly. KryptixEliteTV claimed that he was not abusing his dog, but was simply helping his dog out after he noticed that she was choking, removing “stuffing” from inside her mouth.
Twitch has not commented on the incident yet, but KryptixEliteTV’s Twitch account, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter were all removed, it’s likely that he removed all of his accounts to avoid the backlash of social media and still hasn’t been actually banned till now.