Faze Adapt Left Confused After Twitch Banned Him For Inappropriate Content

Category: Entertainment, Date: 01/May/2020

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Twitch: Adapt

Popular content creator Alexander ‘Faze Adapt’ Hamilton has been banned from Twitch leaving the streamer in confusion to what might have caused his suspension.

Faze Adapt posted a screenshot of the email he received from Twitch, informing his channel has been suspended for a period of three days due to sharing or engaging in sexually suggestive content or activities.

The Faze clan member was completely baffled on Twitter, saying that he has no idea what would trigger a suspension as he has not broken any community guidelines.

It wasn’t only Adapt that was confused at Twitch’s decision, his viewers also don’t recall ever seeing him break Twitch’s terms of service. Up until now, there have not been any clips showcasing that.


Adapt’s suspension comes at a time when Twitch is being questioned by the community for its consistency, popular Twitch streamer Alinity only received a one-day suspension after showing a little too much of herself on stream. Which caused a lot of controversy among the community, claiming that Twitch is biased when it comes to giving out suspensions.

Until now no clips have surfaced that prove Adapt deserves a suspension, his channel remains unavailable and Twitch has not commented on the matter.