Facebook Groups Are Going From Public/Closed to Secret

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Category: Entertainment By: Sorryow, Date: 16/5/2019


A lot of Facebook groups have been changing their privacy settings recently from Public/Closed to Secret, that all was caused when a man from Indonesia went rogue managed to take down big meme pages/groups permanently.

The person has received a huge following and plans on continuing his quest to take down more groups, the reasoning behind the man’s attacks are unknown but it has been reported that the person has joined a group that share the same goal and will be spamming pornographic images in pages or groups and then reporting them, triggering Facebook to take actions immediately in regards to the page/group which will most likely end with the termination of the group before Facebook actually addresses the issue.

All of this has forced a lot of groups to change their privacy settings to secret, in the hopes that they don’t lose their group and waiting till everything subdues.