DrLupo Raises Over $2 Million For St. Jude Hospital

Category: Entertainment, Date: 22/Dec/2019

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Twitch: DrLupo

Popular Twitch streamer Benjamin ‘DrLupo’ Lupo managed to raise over $2 million for a charity that focuses on cancer in children.

Known for his Fortnite streams and his generous personality, DrLuop raised money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a pediatric hospital, and research facility focusing on cancer in children.

In a 24-hour stream, a number of popular streamers pitched in and donated for the cause. Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins donated $30,000, while TimTheTatman and CouRageJD both donated $5,000.

Sales from DrLupo’s merchandise also contributed to the charity, the initial goal was $1 million, a total that DrLupo and his viewers managed to raise an hour before the 24-hour stream ends.

Now the goal was supposed to be $1 million, but thanks to Twitch for joining in and helping with the cause the total went up to $2 million after a jaw dropping donation of $1 million.

Last year DrLuop managed to raise $1 million for the same charity and once again along with the gaming community, DrLupo succeeded in raising an astounding amount of money for a good cause.

The astounding achievement could not have been achieved without the whole gaming community coming together and helping out with the best they could, proving that gaming can be positive and helpful to the community.