Drinks Left Unattended At TwitchCon Party

Category: Entertainment, Date: 27/9/2019

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Drinks left unattended at twitchcon party

A Twitch streamer tweeted about the handling of TwitchCon party, posting about the dangerous way alcoholic beverages were served.

TwitchCon is an annual convention for the live streaming video platform, Twitch.tv, held in San Diego, California from September 27 till 29, streamers would come together for an opportunity to meet one another and their fans.

Twitch streamer Anne Munition tweeted in regards to the situation, posting a picture of cups of beer left unattended at the party for people to pick them up, quickly noticing the risks.

“Pretty disappointed to be honest. I thought Twitch was starting to understand that some of us want the option of a quieter place for the partner party instead of a huge, loud party,” Anne tweeted. “This is a huge safety concern, how is this the way you’re serving drinks?” 

The tweet quickly blew up and managed to get attention on Reddit, people quickly criticized Twitch for their negligence. A random person can easily spike the drinks with drugs and could cause safety issues for those that are drugged.
“Woooooooah. That’s horrible. I’m so confused at who coordinates these things. Super easy to drug multiple drinks..” a person commented.
Another commented: “This looks like the poorly put together after-party to a college half-marathon.”