Dr Disrespect Is Set To Host His Own Gaming Awards

Category: Entertainment, Date: 30/Nov/2020

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Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect announced that he will host his own gaming awards show next year that will hold a range of unique categories.

It seems the Doc wants a gaming award that takes a different approach, focusing on rewarding individuals behind putting impressive titles together.

“I think the game industry needs an award show that focuses on things that really matter,” Dr Disrespect said, “Examples: Best Multiplayer Map design, best weapon skin design, best single player level, best menu music, funniest clip, gameplay clip of the year..etc etc.”

In the tweet, the Doc gives us an idea on what exactly he’s looking to reward in a game. Dr Disrespect’s gaming award would definitely give developers the recognition they deserve as most awards are given out for the entire project.

According to the Doc the show should be held next year but we still don’t have an exact date, none the less it’s definitely good news for the community that’ll “reward the true creatives in the industry.”