Dr Disrespect Breaks Character To Share

Category: Entertainment, Date: 01/Sep/2020

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YouTube: Dr Disrespect

Popular streamer Dr Disrespect broke character during a live stream on YouTube to talk about his battle with anxiety after his sudden ban from Twitch.

Back in June, Dr Disrespect’s Twitch account was banned from Twitch leaving fans puzzled as to why Twitch took suck a decision. The Doc later made his return on YouTube, managing to being in a huge number of viewers on his first stream back and still maintaining a steady viewership afterwards.

Until now the reason behind Twitch’s decision to ban Doc’s account is still unknown even to the Doc himself, and at this point it’s unlikely that Twitch will reveal the reason.

At the end of Doc’s stream on August 31, he broke his usual over confident character to share his experience with battling anxiety after his Twitch account was banned without being given a reason.

“I’ve played sports my whole life, been in high-pressure situations -free throws, game on the line, obviously streaming in front of tons of people with the game on the line, we’ve lived a good life, and I’ve never dealt with anxiety before,” Doc said.

“The fact that I am here live on YouTube, it’s been a fantastic return, but my anxiety levels are something that comes in these huge waves and I’m having a hard time dealing with it, I’ll be honest.”

Dr Disrespect continued explaining that he has been banned before but it was on him, and he accepted responsibility for his actions, but this time it’s different. “What do I accept in this case? I don’t accept anything and there’s nothing I can do about it.”

“So, there might be days where the Doc seems off/feels off, we’re trying to learn the dark alleyway man, we’re trying to get out of it. So, to think that I’m here and I’m just moving on, I’m not, I can’t. How? Right now? How can I? I’m trying, but how can I?”

The Doc continues to stream on YouTube unable to team up with anyone that streams on Twitch as they could risk getting banned themselves.