Dr Disrespect appears on WWE SmackDown preview show

Category: EntertainmentBy: Sorryow, Date: 05/Oct/2019

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Dr Disrespect Appears on Smackdown
Credit: WWE

Popular Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect appeared on the preview show for WWE’s debut episode of “Friday Night SmackDown.”

On October 4, the star appeared behind the hosts Cathy Kelly and Mike Rome as they were talking live to the viewers. Dr Disrespect casually walked behind them while in his iconic outfit. Cathy and Kelly looked at him in confusion not knowing why the popular streamer is on their show.

The popular Twitch streamer stood in front of the camera and with his well known arrogant, full of confidence persona introduced himself “yeah the back to back two-time video game champion.” 

“I’m looking for someone,” Dr Disrespect stated when Mike asked what the star is doing on their show.

Before Mike could finish his question on whom he’s looking for, Dr Disrespect walked away from them and left everyone wondering who that person he’s looking for is.

The closest guess to who the mysterious person is would be WWE superstar Xavier Woods. Woods has his own YouTube channel with more than 2 million subscribers where he uploads gaming content for his viewers, Woods has also brought in many WWE superstars on to his channel as guests, bringing them closer to the gaming community.

It seems that the tables have turned and WWE is now bringing someone from the gaming community as a guest on the show SmackDown.

Dr Disrespect later tweeted a picture of himself standing next to the WWE logo, the tweet captioned #SmackDown.