Did B00blesxd Manipulate A Guy To Send Her $12k?

Category: EntertainmentBy: Sorryow, Date: 13/7/2019

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A lot went on while B00blexd aka Devon was streaming, Devon seemed extremely agitated as she shared private messages between her and her top donator. Disruptedorder has donated around $12k to Devon, definitely a huge amount of money, Devon stated “this is not my friend” “he’s not my f*cking boyfriend”, adding that he thinks he’s entitled to anything that has to do with her.

The clip went viral on Reddit with a lot of people going off on the guy for either being controlling or for the fact that he went off and donated such a huge amount of money to a streamer.

That is until more information was revealed, a couple of screenshots of Devon and Disruptedorder’s private chat went public.

The screenshots posted on Reddit by a user called “BooblesExposed”, showed Devon asking Disruptedorder for money as a loan and that she promised to pay him back. In the post, the original poster made a couple of allegations, Devon was attempting to get away with theft by making Disruptedorder seem as a donator when the money was actually borrowed.

Devon allegedly manipulated Disruptedorder into giving her huge sums of money, making him believe that she actually loved him and was planning to move to California to meet him, Disruptedorder went into debt after trusting her completely, and once she found out he doesn’t have money to give anymore she decided she has no use of the guy and got rid of him.

Devon faced a massive backlash, being called manipulative and people demanded Twitch to ban her immediately and that the guy should charge her for theft. The tides were changed, Disruptedorder had good grounds to claim back his money.

That is until Devon tweeted the following:

Devon claimed that the screenshots were fake and privately spoke with Disruptedorder, in the private message Disruptedorder admitted that the screenshots were faked. Now things are confusing, who’s saying the truth here? Are Disruptedorder’s screenshots fake? Is Devon’s screenshot fake?

The majority of the community has deemed Devon as manipulative, especially after an update was released on the same Reddit post, the original poster “BooblesExposed” shared more information, here the person seemed more in touch with both of Devon and Disruptedorder, one thing we noticed, OP did not state that the screenshot Devon posted was fake, in fact they claimed the Devon was still manipulating the guy, making him feel guilty for his actions and straight up lying to him, she manipulated the “unstable guy” that has fallen in love with her into sending her a message stating that all the screenshots were fake, in an attempt to save her reputation online and her streaming job.

Things are surely confusing at this point, from our point of view Devon’s screenshot is not fake, due to the fact that none of the parties stated it’s fake, as for Disruptedorder, we aren’t sure, he might actually have been manipulated into saying they’re fake. As for the Reddit poster “BooblesExposed” we’re also unsure who they are exactly, could it be Disruptedorder? But why would he go to that extinct to claim that he’s still being manipulated? Is Disruptedorder’s friend trying to be there for him and protect him? The second option seems more logical.

We’ll keep you updated on everything that occurs in the future.