Dafran Will Make A Return On Twitch With A "Farming Simulator" Stream

Category: Entertainment, Date: 11/Sep/2020

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Former professional Overwatch player Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca has announced that he’ll be returning to Twitch but this time he’ll be featuring a “Farm Simulator” stream.

Dafran shocked his fans with an announcement on June 2 that he’ll be taking a break from full time streaming to become a farmer.
On September 11, Dafran announced his return to Twitch after a long hiatus from the streaming platform. But this time his content will not revolve around video games, he will instead be streaming a “Farm Simulator” so we’ll get to see Dafran growing fruits and vegetables live on stream.

Dafran stated that he’ll be streaming this weekend so it should be between September 11 to 13, but didn’t give an exact time of when the stream will start.

He said on Twitter: “Farming simulator stream this weekend probably. Turn on notifications if you don’t wanna miss it on Twitch. Happy Friday boys.”

Now Dafran is known for trolling his fans, so we might not get to see him actually farming irl but instead might be playing the video game “Farming Simulator.” Either way, it’s still a delight for his fans to see him back on the streaming platform.

Since we don’t have an exact time on when the stream will start, fans might as well take Dafran’s advice and turn on notifications so they don’t miss the stream.