Dafran Banned On Twitch After Valorant Tournament Drama

Category: Entertainment, Date: 19/May/2020

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Twitch streamer Daniel “Dafran” Francesca has been banned on the streaming platform following a heated drama between him and a Valorant tournament organizers.

The former Overwatch pro received a lifetime ban from Solary tournament after he exploded at the organizers when they changed the time for the semi-finals. As a result of the time change Dafran’s team were late to the match and the opponent team was awarded a map advantage.

“F*** the Solary Tournament on Valorant,” Dafran said on Twitter. “Bunch of cry baby b****es, doesn’t prove who is the best. Only who is favored by the French organizers.”

Dafran’s rage towards the tournament organizers led to a lifetime ban, but things didn’t end there. While playing Valorant live on stream Dafran was grouped with Evan ‘DRG’ Depauw, a player for Solary. Dafran then began to throw the game, later throughout the game he calmed down and stopped throwing the game telling his chat to stop harassing the 16-year-old player.

A day later, Dafran continued his rants on stream but went too far to the point that the streamer admitted that he might get banned from Twitch.

“Anyone supporting Solary TV is a f***ing b**ch,” he swore. “Yes, I’m going to get banned tomorrow and I don’t give a f**k. I will stand by all those words.”

Dafran later tweeted out saying that he was banned from Twitch for a period of seven days but it was worth it.

This isn’t the first time Dafran has received a ban on the streaming platform, it’s unknown how Dafran will act on stream once his ban is over but one thing for sure it doesn’t seem like he’s willing to apologize for the things he has said.