Contestant Wins MSI Mystery Box At CS:GO Tournament For Being A "Female"

Category: Entertainment, Date: 30/9/2019

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Credit: Twitch: ESL_CSGO

During a live stream of CS: GO tournament a contestant won the MSI mystery box prize and the reason for her victory is because she’s a female.

The host, Matthew “Sadokist” Trivett explained the rules of the game for both contestants, the game consisted of three questions for each contestant, and the winner goes home with the MSI box that holds a mystery item from the MSI.

Trivett then says “but if there’s a tie break, we get to come up with a tie-breaking situation. Which would probably be her since she’s a lady, I’m sorry you lose on that.”

Trivett’s statement came out as a joke, both contestants and the crowd didn’t take it seriously, that is until both Lucas and Caily managed to answer all three questions correctly, going into a tiebreaker.

“We’re three, three, she wins I’m sorry. You win Caily cause females so you absolutely get the MSI box,” Trivett said.

Both contestants were confused with the announcers “tie-breaker” with Caily’s first response was “huh?”, while Lucas completely confused not sure if the host is joking or not.

The crowd immediately started booing Trivett not agreeing with the blatant gender favoritism that was exhibited on stage.

People quickly posted on Reddit and Twitter in regards to what occurred, demanding that Lucas is rewarded after such a humiliating experience.

“You may not have won the prize, but you won our hearts!!!” a person posted.

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Lucas went on Reddit later after the event assuring everyone that he isn’t upset and in fact he had fun. 

“Hey y’all, chicken here. The most important part of the event here in NY is that we’re all brought together to celebrate CSGO. I was already winning my dream of making people happy here!” Lucas posted on Reddit.

Gamdom has also sent Lucas a knife to cheer him up.