Brooke Houts Will Not Face Criminal Charges And Will Keep Her Dog

Category: EntertainmentBy: Sorryow, Date: 3/9/2019

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Youtuber brooke houts abuses dog
YouTube: Brooke Houts

Brooke Houts, a YouTuber who accidentally uploaded unedited footage that revealed her beating, pinning down and spitting on her dog.

After receiving a massive backlash especially on Twitter, and PETA asking for serious actions to be taken, Houts went under investigation for animal cruelty.

Today, TMZ reported that the young YouTuber will not face any criminal charges.

“Law enforcement sources tell us … the LAPD’s Animal Cruelty Task Force is wrapping up its animal abuse investigation and has determined the evidence doesn’t support criminal charges.” According to TMZ.

Sphinx, Houts’s Doberman, will not be taken away from her, as Sphinx is not in danger according to the task force that investigated the case.
Although Houts will get to keep her dog, she is still receiving hate on social media for her actions. Houts has yet to upload anything on her YouTube after the footage was accidentally uploaded and has abandoned her Twitter after posting an apology for her actions.

YouTube has not taken actions either and left her account active, although it’s unknown if Houts will be capable of fixing her now tainted image online and how that will reflect on her YouTube career.