Boogie2988 "Conned" Into Buying A $100k Tesla And Reddit fires At Him

Category: EntertainmentBy: Sorryow, Date: 7/7/2019

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While streaming, Boogie shared some details on buying the Tesla car worth $100k, he had stated the he was conned by the salesman into buying it. yet at the same time said that purchasing the car was in fact his dream, a lot of what he said wasn’t consistent and carried on tweeting contradicting himself at some points, people were fast to point it out, especially that Boogie had been complaining about money issues or a while, so people were surprised that he’d even think of buying a car worth $100k.

Now digging more into this, Boogie had claimed that he would be able to afford the car, first stating that streaming on Twitch makes more than the car’s price, then stated that the car is worth half his YouTube ad revenue “this month”, whether he was being sarcastic here or not we’re not definitely sure but Boogie did state later on Twitter that his ad revenue from YouTube is very little (Which contradicts what he said on his stream), but his sponsors pay him a lot of money which would allow him to “easily” pay for the car.


That’s all good I guess, right? Well no… the next day Boogie tweets that he actually can barely afford the car. 


Why is Boogie contradicting himself here? He was acting all high and mighty on stream in front of everyone, seems like he knew he didn’t take the right decision when he purchased the car but tried to play it off as if it wasn’t a big deal.

Boogie also stated that he had enough saving to outright buy the car and he’d still have enough money saved.

At this point, people started getting a little suspicious, with a lot on Reddit calling him out on trying to rip people off and guilt them into helping him out with purchasing the car, that created somewhat of a war between Boogie and Reddit, with Boogie constantly tweeting on the situation.

A Redditor goes by u/Sonnac had posted all the tweets Boogie had contradicted himself in, breaking everything down, we suggest you take a look at it, Sonnac had also commented on an interesting point.

Boogie has said he paid $155k in taxes for 2018. He’s also said 36% of his income went to taxes. That would mean he earned roughly $430k. So, monthly he earns ~$23k (after taxes) which, minus his monthly costs of $5k, means he’s banking about ~$17k in savings yet he’s claiming the $1700 payments will be a “crunch”.

Boogie later went off on stream raging at Reddit for calling him out, repeating multiple times that he “doesn’t care”, even though he definitely seemed he did, from the way he was acting on stream and getting all worked up and to his constant tweets about the whole situation shows that he does in fact and is affected by all what’s going on. Boogie also asked for people to pay for his Tesla car, starting a GoFundMe and stating that he had only started it because of “Reddit”.

Boogie’s comment:

“I had no intention to ask you guys to pay for my tesla but you folks at Reddit are just such a motivation to helping the cause that I thought you would love to CLOUT chase this one since its right up your alley! “

Weird of him to go that far if he actually didn’t care about Reddit’s opinion at all, don’t you think?

A couple of hours ago he tweeted a completely different tweet to his claims of buying the car, he changed his story to “might buy it”, apparently he’s still deciding whether to buy the car or not and will make up his mind after Vidcon. So he wasn’t conned by the salesman and still had the decision to refuse to buy the car all this time?