Belle Delphine Explains Why She Was Arrested

Category: Entertainment, Date: 08/Oct/2019

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Why was belle delphine arrested
Credit: @Bunnydelphine

Popular Cosplayer Belle Delphine has made a return on social media, claiming that she had gotten in trouble with the police and was arrested.

Known for breaking the internet after she posted that she’ll be selling her own bathwater to “gamer boys” for $30 each. Belle was later banned from Instagram the social media platform she’s well known on.

The star made a return on Twitter after a 2-month break, Belle tweeted a mug-shot of herself captioned “I got arrested lol.”

Her tweet quickly received attention bringing Belle back into the spotlight immediately. Although a lot of her fans were concerned for her safety most of them were complementing the mug shot she posted.

“honestly glad you’re okay! and wtf your mugshot is adorable?!” one person commented.

“Queen. I hope you are ok. Please let me know how much the bail is.” A second commented.

Belle, later on, tweeted an explanation on why she was arrested by the Metropolitan police.

“Istg (swear to god) this girl came to my party and stole my hamster,” Delphine tweeted. “I have no idea why, or who TF does that? I spray painted the f*ck out of her car and got arrested. At least I got my hamster back. B*tch.”

Belle also added four images to her tweet to verify her story, two of the images were of the alleged thief’s car covered in paint and the words “B*tch give my hamster back,” and a photo of Belle’s hamster.

Belle also added a screenshot of the conversation she had with the alleged thief that stole her hamster during a house party, Belle asked the person if they stole her hamster adding that X person saw them carry it outside.

“Lol what are you talking about, I didn’t take your hamster,” the alleged thief replied. Belle replied with a second screenshot of the alleged thief confessing to stealing the hamster, and it seemed the alleged thief blocked Belle after that.

Many people did not believe Belle’s story as she’s well known for “trolling” her fans and simply accused the star of trying to become relevant again after her disappearance from social media. Additionally, the mug shot Belle shared did not exist anywhere online.