Amouranth Banned From Twitch For The Third Time

Category: Entertainment, Date: 11/May/2020

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Popular Twitch streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has been banned on the streaming platform for a third time, with fans confused about the reason behind the punishment and the period it’ll last.

The reason that led to Amouranth’s third ban has yet to be confirmed, however, fans are suspecting that it was due to Amouranth accidentally showing a fan’s Twitch profile picture, which contains inappropriate content.

Her first ban was after she accidentally revealed too much of herself on stream, the second ban was due to streaming in a gym.

A couple of days before her third ban, Amouranth informed her fans that everything would be fine after she showcased the inappropriate profile picture by mistake and she got in touch with Twitch soon after.

Amouranth explained she likely wouldn’t be banned: “Twitch said that if something pops up on your screen now, as long as you end the stream and delete the VOD, and delete the clips, then you’re fine. So it should be okay.”

But apparently, it wasn’t “okay” as the streamer found her channel banned a couple of days after. Amouranth has evaded getting banned before, one particular incident is when she was reading Twitch chat while driving, which breaks Twitch’s terms of service.

Her second suspension lasted only 24 hours, so her current suspension might be a maximum of 3-days before the popular streamer can get her channel back up, but fans will have to wait until either Amouranth or Twitch confirm the period of the suspension.