Alinity Asks People To Stop Stalking Her And A Twitch Staff Wants Her Banned!

Category: EntertainmentBy: Sorryow, Date: 22/7/2019

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Credit: Instagram: alinitydivine and Twitter: @djWHEAT

Director of creator development at Twitch, Marcus Graham aka djWHEAT tweeted his opinion in regards to the whole Alinity situation.
A little recap on what went on. Alinity had tossed her cat behind her shoulder live on stream which created a massive outrage with a lot of people demanding she gets banned for abusing her pet… More on the whole story here.
djWHEAT had tweeted stating that he was upset in regards to Alinity’s actions on stream especially that he owns a cat, he continued to add that he believes that she should be banned from Twitch, but has no authority on the moderation team and is simply giving his opinion.
He listed that if he was able to take action:
– He would ban her for at least 30 days
– He would ask to see an awareness stream and potential charity drive for pet abuse or pet charities
– He would put forth 90-day probation post-ban with a no-tolerance period (you mess up = ban) & check INS

Again he emphasized that this is all hypothetical and merely his opinion. The community has been pressing on Twitch to take actions and obviously, djWHEAT has also been caught in the fire that probably led him to Tweet that he is not on Alinity’s side and is in the agreement with the community.

Things aren’t looking good for Alinity, the community seems to have had enough of her breaking Twitch TOS and getting away with it, and are determined to get her off the platform. 

We don’t think Twitch will permanently remove Alinity, but we do expect them to release a statement especially that both Peta and the SPCA got involved.

Alinity claimed that people are going to the extent of knocking on her neighbor’s door asking where she is, turning the online harassment she was receiving to real-life harassment.

People were quick to comment on her tweet saying she’s lying, with some comments being:

“Maybe instead of posting this for attention you should call the police”
“Ladies and gentlemen I think we reached a new low. She is now trying to make the media go after the audience by straight out lying and saying that we know where she lives, just so she can get out of trouble and drift the attention from the horrible animal abuse she has committed.”