Addison Rae Apologies After Backlash Over Instagram Post On BLM

Category: Entertainment, Date: 07/Jun/2020

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Instagram: addisonrae

TikTok star Addison Rae made an apology after a caption on one of her Instagram posts received backlash.

The popular TikTok star with over 44 million followers made a post in an attempt to spread awareness in regards to the ongoing protests and issues going on in the United States, but that led to her receiving backlash from her fans.

On June 5, Rae uploaded a series of selfies on her Instagram, captioned with a quote from Martin Luther King, which some people found an issue with.

American singer Gus Dapperton commented on Rae’s post, calling her “shallow” for uploading selfies of herself along with her message of support to the BLM movement.

“Just because you caption your selfies with an MLK quote doesn’t mean this isn’t shallow as f***,” he said after re-sharing her post on his Instagram story.

Instagram: addisonrae

Shortly after, Rae deleted the caption from her post and made an apology to her fans, saying that although she believes in the quote it might not have been the best way to get her message across.

“My intentions are pure and this quote is something I believe in so deeply,” she apologized to her fans, “I am so sorry and I’ll take it down.”

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Rae has been active on her social media with her support towards Black Lives Matter, even attending some protests.

“I believe supporting BLM on social media is just as important as what I’m doing outside of it, which I will continue to do,” she said.

Rae stated that she takes full responsibility for her mistakes and will learn from it going forward.