New Apex Legends Skins And Cosmetics Items Leaked

Category: Apex Legends, Date: 04/Dec/2019

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Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Data miners leaked new skins and cosmetic items following the new Apex Legends update on December 3.

The popular battle royal game seems to have plans to release new skins and cosmetic items in the near future. Respawn Entertainment has been criticized by its player base before for how pricy it is to get your hands on all the new released skins.

The new leak from @That1MiningGuy, reveals over 200 cosmetic items were found in the game’s files following the recent update.

All of the Apex Legends characters will receive multiple new skins, as for weapons, they’ll receive new coats of paints and weapon charms to hang off the side, allowing players to pick the style that suits them best. There are also new icons and banners for players to choose their favorite from.


Respawn Entertainment has yet to officially announce the release of any of the new skins and cosmetic items, and there’s no guarantee that all of the items found in the game’s files will be included in the game.