New Apex Legends Halloween Game Mode Has Been Leaked

Category: Apex Legends, Date: 02/10/2019

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apex legends halloween mode
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Halloween event game mode in Apex legends leaks were revealed shortly after season 3 update.

Apex data miner That1MiningGuy revealed that a new game mode string “Shadow_Squad_mode_about.”

The mode will be set on a night map, with players dropping solo, but getting eliminated means that they join the “Shadow Squad” capable of attacking the living players with increased mobility and only melee attacks.

Additionally, That1MiningGuy added that the last 10 living legends will join forces to try to escape while Shadow Squad attempt to stop them at all costs.

For a limited time, a warped version of Apex games will be hosted at night in an abandoned kings Canyon by a mysterious figure only known as Revenant.

The new Apex Legends game mode seems interesting and fun for a Halloween event, especially after the successful release of season 3.

In addition, That1MiningGuy also found that there will be new Halloween-themed skins. The skins could be a Frankenstein skin for Gibraltar and a spider-themed skin for Lifeline.

Moreover, Real Apex Leaks posted a short clip that was found in the game files, which reveals the Shadow Squad legends running fast, and followed by a demonic version of the Leviathans.Fi