Cosplayer banned from Twitch for using blackface

Credit: Karina Martsinkevich

Ktarina Martsinkevich a lithuanian twitch streamer goes by the name Karupups, She plays video games along with cosplay decided to cosplay a legend named Lifelife from the well popular game Apex Legends.

Katrina made the outfit and dyed her hair to resemble Lifeline. Everything was fine until she started applying make-up on her white skin to match the skin color of Lifeline’s.

A number of viewers showed their dislike to what the streamer was doing, asking others to report her stream immediately over twitter.

Twitch banned her account after the outrage on social media and forcing Karupups to carry on with her stream on Youtube, later deleting the video.

Katrina was banned for a period of one month due to “incitement to hatred towards a person or a group of people.

Category: Apex Legends, By: Sorryow, Date: 17/4/2019

She publicly gave an apology saying she had no knowledge that changing the color of her skin to black would offend anyone, and that she just did it for the fun of cosplaying her favorite legend.

That also stroke another outrage of people stating that she shouldn’t have been banned, and that her intentions were not ill but mostly just enjoying what she does and attempting to create an exact cosplay of the character.