Apex Legends Season 3 Trailer Reveals New Map "World's Edge"

Category: Apex Legends, Date: 27/9/2019

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apex legends season 3 trailer
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Respawn revealed the Apex Legends season three trailer: Melt Down along with a new map called World’s Edge.

The trailer showcases the new map “World’s Edge” and reveals what the new legend Crypto is capable of.

Season 3 will launch on October 1st, with the release of both the new map and the legend along with it.

The new map is mixed with snowy terrains full of ice spikes at one side, while the other holds an active volcano streaming with molten lava.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

In the middle, you can clearly see what seems as a facility that has been exploded and now frozen.

Obviously, the map’s environment will play a role in the game-play, most likely players will have to stay away from the natural disasters.

In addition, another feature that stood out in the trailer was that the legends were fighting on a moving train, opting the possibility that players will be able to land on a moving train in the new map.
One important tease at the end is when Crypto is seen holding a new weapon, the charge rifle. The weapon seems to take a second to charge before shooting an electric projectile.

Lastly, Crypto’s character is nothing but impressive, also he seems to prefer a solitary life. Mirage and Crypto can be seen having a little quarrel with one another in the trailer.