Apex Legends Developer Feels Personally Angry Due To The Demands Of Free Items

Category: Apex LegendsBy: Sorryow, Date: 19/8/2019

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Apex Legends

After the release of the Iron Crown Collection event last week, players weren’t happy with the system that forced them to pay money to get their hands on the cosmetic items. Respawn released 24 cosmetic items 22 of the cosmetic items were attainable through special loot boxes that require players to pay money for them, while the rest were attainable through completing challenges.
To get all the cosmetic items, you have to spend $154.
Players, especially those that don’t spend money on the free-to-play Apex Legends game started demanding that the developers should have released a system where the skins are unlockable by playing the game and completing challenges.
One of the developers for Respawn that goes by the name Pinedsman on Reddit commented on a post in regards to the community’s demands stating that such requests simply makes them “angry personally”.
Pinedsman full comment on Reddit:

“The thing that makes me angry personally is all the people demanding more free stuff in this free update. Solos is free. The map update is free. The challenges and rewards are free. Asking for more on top of that seems pretty fucked up.”

In another comment they said:

“You spend your money however you feel is fair. I don’t mind. It’s all part of how the economics of a free game is calculated.
With respect to the “price gouging”, it also bugs me when people kick and scream that things are too expensive. Let’s say the skins are indeed too expensive- does that give people license to kick and scream and call us “greedy f**ks”?
I mean, I think a lot of things are overpriced but I don’t yell at people about it.
TLDR: “this thing is too expensive so I won’t buy it” is ok “This thing is too expensive so fuck you greedy fucks” is not ok”

It seems the constant demand for free items has upset developers that find such demands unreasonable. Respawn is also now selling some of the events skins directly through the game’s store rather than having to purchase loot boxes, giving their players other choices on how to spend their money to attain some items.