Apex Legends is the new Realm Royale?

Numerous discussions have been held on whether Apex Legends is the next big thing, many have argued that the new game is going to take down the biggest battle royal competitor, Fortnite.

We can’t deny that Fortnite has been dominating the battle royal genre for quiet a long time, we’re seen numerous games attempt at going head to head with Fortnite just to fail.

One of thos games would be Realm Royal, the game that went viral for it’s tournaments that held enormous prize pool and the twitch community leaning onto streaming Real Royal over Fortnite.

But even after all the tournaments and marketing Real Royal failed and we barely even hear about the game much.

The questions remains, will Apex Legends rival Fortnite or will it have the same fate as Realm Royal?

Only time can tell, Apex Legends is a unique game arguably holds a combination of Fortnite and Overwatch, it might just be the game that can go head to head with Fortnite.